Kissena and Main

At the corner of Kissena and Main the people of Flushing, Queens walk by. With their every step they take the borough back from Trump, the native son who is giving it a bad name.

Kissena and Main-2

God and Country.

Kissena and Main-7

Easter bunny

Kissena and Main-5

Easter pink

Kissena and Main-3

Canadian fashion

Kissena and Main-9

Madonna and child

Kissena and Main-10

Waiting for mom

Kissena and Main-6

Library bound

Kissena and Main b-1

Rare sights

Kissena and Main-1

Cut from the same cloth

Kissena and Main-4

Different strokes

Kissena and Main-8

On notice

Kissena and Main-12


Kissena and Main-13

…and waiting.


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