Flushing Falun Gong Rally

On Saturday, April 23 Falun Gong practitioners held a rally to commemorate the anniversary of the April 25, 1999 Beijing Falun Gong demonstration in response to which the Chinese government intensified persecution of the practice. Your faithful photographer of Flushing was there to capture a few images.

April 25 FG rally b-1

The central message of the day.

April 25 FG rally-5

The Falun Gong bands were there…

April 25 FG rally b-3

…as were the dragons…

April 25 FG rally b-2

…, the flags, and a large contingent from the NYPD.

April 25 FG rally-1

Speeches were in English and Mandarin…

April 25 FG rally-8

…before banners announcing Falun Gong’s central tenants of forbearance, compassion, and truthfulness.

April 25 FG rally-15

Denunciation of the Chinese Communist Party was a central theme.

April 25 FG rally-12

The certificates announce that they have quit the communist party.

April 25 FG rally-11


April 25 FG rally-14

Holding a banner. 

April 25 FG rally-7




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